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[Toy] Moto Bot 6x6

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Review by VF5SS
Any child walking around a pharmacy in the late 80's to early 90's most likely
encountered the ubiquitous Moto Bots in some form or another. Maybe they came in
a two-pack or maybe they sported day glow colors, but those sub-Gobots level
machines could be admired for staying simple and playable when every other toy
line was trying to reinvent itself with even gaudier shades of neon.
Both JoshB and myself have an odd fascination with off-brand robot toys. During
one CollectionDX show he brought out a Moto Bot I had never seen before, which
he would later pass on to me. I grew up with Moto Bots and still have a bunch
from my childhood.

Since none of these guys have names per se, I am simply going to refer to him by
what the stickers on his vehicle mode say: 6x6. This chunky guy is one of the
burliest looking Moto Bots I have ever encountered. 6x6 has seen better days but
is still in good working condition. Like most Moto Bots, his chest is made from
diecast metal and even has transparent windows. The simple red and black stripes
compliment his "IBM PC" gray colored body.

Even as a kid I couldn't help but see the connection between a Moto Bot's simple
blocky face and the design of certain Gobots like Fly Trap and Geeper Creeper.
Among his peers, 6x6 looks much more regal with a head crest that features a
small embossed "T".

All Moto Bots possess the same pullback motor gimmick. While most of them use
the same motor with vehicle appropriate tires, 6x6 has a beefier unit designed
to go with his larger body.

Moto Bots were manufactured by a company called MC Toys. Since most of these
figures say "Made in Macau" I wonder if that's what the "MC" part refers to.

6x6 really stands out among my old Moto Bots. They all proudly display their
minimal articulation that really emphasizes their simple mechanical nature.
After all, a robot really only needs a pair of menacing outstretch arms to
conquer the world.

I like to think of 6x6 as the Moto Bot leader who commands his troops to roll in
battle against the higher priced forces of evil.

6x6's transformation is a little bit more involved than the usual Moto Bot fare.
Parts of his legs actually slide out and then pivot 180 degrees to form the
truck bed of his vehicle mode. The wheels on his arms flip around to the right
orientation while his head retracts and is covered up by a hefty off roading

The resulting 6x6 vehicle is very compact yet still pretty imposing. The extra
stripe detailing in the rear is now visible and looks appropriately 80's.

You don't wanna mess with this guy once he's been pull backed.

Any vehicle with more than four wheels always seemed really fascinating to kids.
It's just strange and unusual enough without being wholly unrealistic.

The only thing my 6x6 is missing is the plug in roll bar that fit into the holes
in the truck bed. A lot of Moto Bots had parts that had to be removed for robot
mode and would usually get misplayed or broken.

Once again 6x6 looks large and in charge. He'll keep everyone in line,
especially that neon jeep guy. I tell ya that neon jeep guy is nothing but

Moto Bots represent one of the least glamorous parts of robot toy heritage, but
still proudly rolled on as a notable entry in their history. Nowadays their role
as cheap, affordable transforming robots has been supplanted by the bigger
lines. Maybe someday I'll get back into collecting these guys as they're still
kicking around the second hand market for reasonable prices.
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