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[Kaskus Lounge] 10 Most Mysterious Animals In The World

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1. Aghol

Aghol is a giant bat. Wing span measuring more than 7 feet. These animals have
been seen around Java.

2. Agogwe

Agogwe are like human beings and very small, like a dwarf. Often found in East

3. Arabhar

Arabhar the giant flying snake believed to be around the Arabian sea.

4. Tsuchinoko

Snake species are very rare and strange, paunchy like bottles or bowling pins
with a small tail like a rat tail. Ever seen in Hokkaido, Japan.

5. Yeti

Similar to Bigfoot, appearing in the Himalayan region.

6. Buru

The 15-foot lizards and dark. Found in the Himalayas and is believed to have
become extinct. Approximately his form is almost like the picture above.

7. Jersey Devil

Horse-shaped animals that have wings like bats and have hands. Standing on two
legs, was found in New Jersey, United States.

8. Mokele-Mbembe

Believed to be the dinosaurs were still alive in Congo, Africa.

9. Mothman

A creature half-human and half-bat, did not have a neck, winged and red-eyed.
First seen in 1966 and identified as UFH (Unidentified Flying Humanoid).

10. Ogopogo

Sea monster similar to Nessie in Loch Ness lake. The difference is found in
lakes Ogopogo Okanagan, Canada.
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